Will Jackie Shroff nod his head for an international project?

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Jackie Shroff is one of the most seasoned actors in Bollywood industry. His son, Tiger Shroff, recently debuted in a Bollywood film called Heropanti. Adorably called Jaggu Dada, Jackie Shroff has done over 200 Indian films in a span of 20 years. He has acted in many regional, multi-lingual films apart from mainstream Hindi films. He was discovered by the legendary director Subhash Ghai. His real name is Jaikishen Kakubhai Shroff, born in a Gujarati family. Jackie Shroff was a roughneck in Mumbai before he started modeling and acting. His most memorable movie has been Hero which has been remade into Heropanti which stars his son in the main lead. He has won Filmfare awards for many Hindi movies such as Khalnayak, Devdas, 1942: Love Story, Parinda, Agni Sakshi, and Rangeela. Recently on his visit to London, he has been offered an international project .

He is, however, not disclosing any details about this project. When asked if he has a language problem, since English is not his native language, he replied saying that he has no language problem and that he can sail through smoothly in English language. If he were to do this project, like Aishwaraya Rai, he too has to do take diction classes to finesse the British accent. He was in London to support Tiger Shroff’s friend who had participated in a motor rally. As he was cheering for this rally, he happened to meet some producers who were interested to offer him a role in their International film projects. It will be interesting to watch Jaggu Dada work his way into British accent and culture. Jackie Shroff performance as an actor are by far more remarkable than most of the other actors in the industry. His acting career since 30 years has only been on a high rise. His most memorable movies such as 100 Days, Ram Lakhan, Tridev, Saudagar, Gardish, Mission Kashmir, have won him critical acclaim. This will be the first International movie of Jackie Shroff. It will be interesting to watch him in an international production.

Most of the Indian actors have done small roles in most of the international films. Since he is tight lipped about this project, it is difficult to anticipate the size of his role in this movie. Filmmakers are always willing to work with actors from different countries. It is anticipated that his role in this project might have negative tones. Amitabh Bachchan’s role in The Great Gatsby has been miniscule and he played a notorious criminal in the movie. He has probably given his nod to this international project. He has however, not yet confirmed this news with the media. Jackie Shroff might join the bandwagon of international stars if he lands a role in this global platform.

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