Aamir said YES for Sarfarosh 2

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Amir Khan in Sarfarosh 2

Amir Khan in Sarfarosh 2

Most of Aamir’s movies are a masterpiece. He is one actor with directorial instincts. The script of his movies is always well outlined. Sarfarosh was a blockbuster in the year 1999. It is the story of a cop busting a terrorist operation. Aamir has germinated with the idea of Sarfarosh 2 and given the nod to the director John Matthew Matthan to start working on the sequel.

Aamir has done many Bollywood blockbuster movies. He has ingenious insight in the art of filmmaking. Every project he has taken in films and television has been tremendously successful. This is not a filmmaker and actor with parlor tricks. His work bespeaks of his passion for ideas, movie making, and mastery over every aspect of filmmaking. Sarfarosh 2 might just not be disappointing if it has the midas touch of Aamir’s perfectionism.

Aamir Khan has won many national awards and nominations for acting and direction. He, however, has a reputation for not being present in any of these award ceremonies. He has won the National Award for best director in Taare Zameen Par. He has Filmfare award for best actor in the Oscar nominated movie, Lagaan. This 49 year old actor is not only an actor but also a producer, director, singer, and television presenter. His talk show, Satyameva Jayate covers grave social issues of India that have been blissfully dismissed and ignored.

Sarfarosh 2 also might be a crime thriller movie. This movie is still in the development stage. Aamir was presented an idea for the sequel by the director who made Sarfarosh. His iconic role of ACP Ajay Singh Rathod might be repeated in this sequel too. Aamir has the ingenuity to make a second grade script like Talaash into a gripping storyline. He might not want to deviate from the crime thriller genre. Since there have been many social and political issue in all these years, it would be interesting to anticipate which political controversy or scandal he might be interested to pick up.

The themes of terrorism in films also have a good dose of spellbinding drama. Emotions stirred up in chaos and bedlam is something only veteran actors such as Aamir can portray with perfection. The best part is Aamir is not OCD about his perfectionist nature. Aamir is a recluse, a thinker, a philosopher, and an intellectual filmmaker who knows how to combine his intellectual gumption and present it to the hoi polloi.

None of his themes are over the top but certainly are top drawer. We can expect some intriguing and exciting story if it’s going to have Aamir’s brainstorming. He has the mastery to present even a simple story into a masterpiece. It only takes a passionate and an ingenuous mind to take a plain script and use all the dramatic elements and make the script full proof. You cannot pin point any glitches in Aamir’s movies. Then ensemble cast of Sarfarosh may or may not be repeated for Sarfarosh 2.

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