Sanjay Leela Bansali produces biopic Mary Kom

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Sanjay Leela Bansali produces biopic Mary Kom

will biopic of the female boxer MC Mary Kom has been doing ones buzz recently. your Olympic bronze medalist has been your motivation toward realm of a woman energy as well as dignity. She stunned every person along with her video game, battle plus win into the Olympic 2012. this woman is the best five-time period World Boxing champ, and best lady boxer to has won per medal inside each among the 6 worldwide championships. the woman success even astonished director Omang Kumar and also Bollywood’s diva Priyanka Chopra to create a biopic on the boxer’s lives featuring Piggie Chops in the lead part.

She sustained one such injury while shooting for a boxing sequence that went wrong. This caused her to get a cut mark under her eye. Her make-up artist worked on this and made the cut look deeper as we will soon see on screen. Uday Shirale who worked on her look said, “Priyanka was filming a boxing scene with an actor from the North-East. She fell on the floor due to the impact. She got the shot spot on, so director Omung Kumar decided to retain it. The cut mark that you will eventually see on screen under her eye is real but we did touch it up with makeup to make it look deeper.” It will be interesting to watch Priyanka in this never seen before avatar.

This film will change the way people think about women and will definitely work against the thinking that women are weak willed and are not capable of possessing strength. By the trailer of this film we get a glimpse of what we should expect from Reviews of Mary Kom. The poster of this film showcases a very strong image of Priyanka Chopra and was much appreciated by the critics. For this film, she had to cut off the glam quotient to look authentic in her role as a boxer.

In the trailer we see the actress in a power packed performance. The trailer has set the standards very high for this film. Critics are expecting a lot from this performance of Priyanka in this role as a champion boxer. She is also likely to win awards for her performance in this role. This is not the only woman centric role we will see. We will also see Rani Mukerji playing the role of a cop in the film ‘Mardaani’. In this film Rani will play a very strong character of a cop that will stop at nothing to eradicate the social problem of female trafficking. Media and movies have a lot of impact on society and films like these are bound to influence their thinking in some way.

Bollywood has been many biopic sport drama movies like Chak De India and Bhaag Mika Bhaag. Both these movies have done tremendously well on the box office. We hope the same for Mary Kom Movie Reviews. The movie will hit the screens by September 5TH 2014.

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